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Our Commitment

Treehouse Law is a firm committed to protecting consumer rights in an age when consumers are increasingly bombarded with false advertising, empty promises, and unfair business practices.

We believe it is imperative to keep companies honest and hold them to a standard that safeguards the trust consumers place in the products and services they purchase.

With this understanding, we advocate diligently and passionately on behalf of our clients, with a deep understanding of consumer law and willingness to pursue creative legal solutions for consumers across the country.

Our Practice Areas

At Treehouse Law, our seasoned litigators have dedicated their careers to challenging false advertising and deceptive business practices.  This experience has allowed our team to become knowledgeable of a wide variety of issues plaguing the consumer market, including false and deceptive labeling in the food and beverage industry, misleading claims regarding health supplements, and the ever-increasing tendency of companies to 'greenwash' their products, touting higher environmental benefits than they actually provide. 


Free Case Evaluation

At Treehouse Law, we never charge our clients for any costs. We incur the legal costs, so you don't have to. You only pay if we win or settle your case. Click below to submit a free case evaluation and speak to a member of our team. 

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